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Do I have to have a boater’s license?

Do I need prior boating experience? 

Who drives the boat?

How early do you open?

Can I make a reservation?

What if I want to stay out longer?

How old do I need to be to rent a boat?

Can we keep the boats overnight?

What size engines do the boats have?

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Do you rent Pontoon Boats?

Do your boats have tops for shade? 

Do you supply equipment for waterskiing or tubing?

Do you rent jetskis?

Do you rent kayaks, canoes, or sailboats?

How do I know where to go?

When will I get my deposit back? 

Are gas and tax included in the rental price? 


 1.)   Do I have to have a boater's license?
         Not at all!  We do however, require that the person renting the boat has a valid driver's license that they must be able to present at the time of renting.

2.)   Do I need prior boating experience?
No prior boating experience is necessary!  As stated above, we do require that you have a valid driver's license, and therefore are an experienced driver.  However, our knowledgable staff will give you a full tutorial of how to successfully captain and operate any of our boats prior to your departure.

 3.)   Who drives the boat?
You captain the boat yourself! Our permit is for a "bare boat" rental of the boats. This means that we cannot drive the boats for you but that's the best part of renting one of our boats: you take it when and where you want to.

4.) How early do you open?
            Our booth will be open for boat rentals as early as 9am any morning, weather dependent.  However, should the weather be undesirable we may delay our opening in the hopes of better weather.

5.)   Can I make a reservation?
Due to the fact that we are largely a tourist company, and understand the uncertainty & changeability of travel plans due to traffic, weather conditions, etc, all of our boats are rented on a first come - first serve basis.  No reservations are required, and no reservations can be made.  But don't fret!  We have a large fleet of boats that allow for a multitude of rentals, of all different durations.

6.)   What if I want to stay out longer?
Given the high demand for boat rentals, and our desire for strong customer service, we like to know when to expect our boats back at all times.  Therefore, please be sure to accommodate for all of your travel time upon your initial renting of the boat.  Every 15 minutes that the boat is late will result in a penalty fee equal to half of your first hour's rent.

7.)   How old do I need to be to rent a boat?
In order to rent a boat, you must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid drivers license.  However, this does not mean that younger passengers are not welcome aboard the boat!  All we ask is that the individual renting and driving the boat be at least 21 years of age.  

8.)   Can we keep the boats overnight?
For safety purposes, all boats must be returned to our dusks an hour before dusk.  We rent our boats by the hour, without day rates, for a maximum of 8 hours per ride.  If you are looking for a week-long rental, please contact the Lake George Chamber of Commerce for more information.  (518) 668-5755

9.)   What size engines do the boats have?
Each of our boats is designed to give you a beautiful and leisurely cruise around the lake.  From 16ft to 19ft, each of these boats has an outboard engine that ranges in horsepower, increasing in size.  Usually, our recommendations for what size boat to rent are dependent upon the number of people in your party, but if speed is your concern - we will also be able to accommodate you.  Our 16ft boat possesses a 40hp engine, our 17ft can have a 40 or a 50hp engine, our 18ft boat has a 70hp engine, and finally our 19ft boat has a 115hp engine.

10.)   Do you rent pontoon boats?
We do not rent pontoon boats, but our speedboats can accommodate parties as large as 8 people.  However, should your group contain more people than this, we do work closely with Village Mall Pontoons, located just down the boardwalk.

11.)   Do your boats have tops for shade?
            Our boats do have retractable canopies for shade.  However, please be advised that these canopies only cover a portion of the boat and should not be used as your only protection from the elements.  Be it rain or shine, extra layers or sunscreen necessary - it is best to always be prepared.  

12.)   Do you supply equipment for waterskiing or tubing?
While our boats are perfect for cruising around the lake and absorbing all of its beauty, they are not equipped for watersports.  In other words, tubing, waterskiing, etc. are not possible from our boats.  As a result, we do not supply the equipment...for obvious reasons.

13.)   Do  you rent jet skis?
            Due to our location in the southern basin of the lake, we are unable to rent jet skis.  Once upon a time, in a slightly different Lake George, we were able to.  However, since that time they have been banned in the southern basin of the lake for safety purposes; especially given all of the large cruise ships located in this area.  There are places on the northern end of the lake that are still able to rent these however.  Please contact the Lake George Chamber of Commerce for more information (518) 668-5755.

14.)   Do you rent kayaks, canoes, or sailboats?
            Again, due to our busy location at the southern basin of the lake, it would be impractical and dangerous for us to rent these slow and manual vehicles out to patrons.  If this, however, is the type of craft you desire please contact the chamber of commerce for more information as to who may be able to better suit your needs.  (518) 668-5755

15.)   How do I know where to go?
Not to fret!  We make sure that you are PLENTY prepared to captain your own ship before you set sail!  Not only do we supply you with a map of the lake, as well as an additional map circling all the hazardous spots and how to deal with them, BUT our well-trained staff will also give you a detailed tutorial of how and where to drive your vessel safely. 

16.)   When will I get my deposit back?  
Each of our boats requires a deposit in addition to the rental fee. For our 16' to 18' boats, a $200 deposit is required; and for our 19' boats, a $300 deposit is required.  Provided the boats are returned to us unharmed, your deposit will be returned to you in the same way.  For cash deposits, you may reclaim them upon returning your boat.  However, be advised that for credit card deposits, cialis priser, your bank may hold this for as many as 7 to 10 business days.  At this time it is not in our position, but rather being held on to by your bank.  If after 7 to 10 business days you have still not received your deposit, and you were never notified by us of any damages upon return, please feel free to contact you bank.


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Are gas and tax included in the rental price?  
               Gas and tax are both set fees that are in addition to our regular boat rentals.  The tax is the standard New York State 7% sales tax that is added to your total at the end of your purchase (not including deposit).  The gas, however, is an incremental rate that will depend upon the size of boat you rent.  Fortunately, however, there are no hidden fees - you will be fully aware of your total well before your departure on your adventure. 


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